Working with You

We work with you to add to what you already have.

That means understanding your business, knowing what you want, making an agreed proposal to you and keeping you informedas work progresses.

One we understand your business and your industry, in the depth necessary to do our job we will:

  1. Have a discussion with you to cover all the important points
  2. Ask you to provide links to web sites you like the look of and why
  3. Explain different alternatives
  4. Make a draft proposal
  5. When agreed, make a more detailed one
  6. Show you how things are progressing


Professional planning is not made purely by experience.

Experience is not the whole story because:

1)         Experience spans the industry you are in and not supportive ones.

Expertise from other disciplines such Professional Marketing (Getting more and higher value customersand planning properly), Financial Planning (Analysis and Evaluation of your figures), Human Resources (selecting the best people) all add to what you already have.

2)         Experience is not comprehensive (learning curves always continue) – even in your business. Environments and scenarios constantly change. Eg: The Online revolution has dramatically changed people’s buying habits for instance which affect  almost all small businesses.

People research a lot more before they buy now. 90% of it is internet research.

The searching stage has to be interceptedbefore competition does. Makes sense ?

Professional Marketing people are specially trained (and most have practical experience) to work in all sizes of business. They can make your offering appear so attractive it’s difficult for new customers to say no.

They are people who create the best environments so you either don’t need any selling because your services or products sell themselves, OR so a first contact with a customer is easy because you already have what they want in all key areas (Marketing).

3) Experience is not data driven. It relies on being able to appraise situations without all the facts because most facts, in limited scenarios, can be reasonably assumed. However experience is not an insurance policy against making mistakes. Knowing all the facts on which experience can be applied is safer, and having other disciplines input aswell is better still.

The answer is to work with people who can add to your experience by providing you with guidance, information and results in things that are not your field, to produce results you couldn’t on your own.

The start is a web site or an improved website, because that to new customers is your shop window and gives first impressions.

We make sure they are good ones.

And making sure that you are found easily on the main search engines.

Leading to more business for you.

And if you’re happy with the results from that, we can discusss producing a proper brand for you, so for your customers, using you becomes a reflex action and not one for consideration.

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