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Xanalysis is a Professional Promotional Agency.

We serve micro, small and professional businesses with 10 Different Boosts.

95% of prospective new customers come through strategic websites, not just informative ones.

Our speciality is getting new customers for you – affordably:

1.    Improving low performing websites

or constructing new high performing ones.

All professionals already have websites, but efficiency wise in gaining new business only an average of 15% of prospects browsing the site follow up by making a call or emailing. There are a myriad of analytical programs that provide data ratios of no of web site browsers, time spent , what pages were visted, and the link used to arrive at the site. You also know how many new customers you get a month.

Is your web site performing as a professional one should and convert  at least 75% of browsers to callers? It’s a 98% probability yours performs well below this. This is because most professional websites are information only websites, that may look organised and effective but in reality, the ROI of this particular variable is weak.

The rare efficient professional websites operate at 85% of prospect conversion. What appears, what is said what the focus message is whether there is video or not and what the scripting is are all vital elements. The closer to correct these are, the higher the conversion percentages.

The closest analagy would be the difference between a movie that you are engaged with to the end (and want more – ie: a phone call or visit to your practice), and one that bores you and you switch off in a minute or two.

The criteria for assesment are not what you would normally think.

Do you know the Difference


What looks like a Good website


One that is a Good website ?

(If it’s not your field of expertise).

We wouldn’t expect you to, in the same way we wouldn’t expect you to know the difference between a painting worth £500 and £500,000. That’s why the internet has only 2% of Architecturally designed websites. Ie: Most don’t know what types of websites they’re having designed.

An Architectural Website is superior to a “Standard” one by the techniques it employs to make the website parallel a potential customer’s thought processes, so they call you in preference to a competitor.

It starts with who your customers are or the type of ones you aim at (if more than one type they need grouping). This is because the whole architecture (layout, copywriting, illustratations/photos inclusions etc) will need to accommodate the different psychologies.

It can be almost hypnotic in some cases it’s so effective. Advertising agencies and design consultancies normally charge over £20,000 for this type of website because it can be so much more productive than a standard website.

However we can produce exactly the same or make important improvements, at a fraction of this price (starting at £1,500 for something customised).

The advice we give and the websites (and other promotions) we plan will prove to you these are on a completely different level to anything you would normally come across. This is because what goes on behind the scenes (or underneath the iceberg) has 80% importance, while what goes on above it is about 20%.  

The 20% is what you would normally encounter.

Why Xanalysis Promotions have ingredients others don’t.

Explained in:

https://360analysis.uk/a-z-steps/ and https://360analysis.uk/buyer-journey/

Tactical considerations follow and we check the site is mobile responsive, fast loading and easy to navigate aswell as many other points.

2)     Video in Websites

  1. Video in your website often puts you on the first page of Google without having to pay for adwords.
  2. 50% of websites are seen on mobile. A 2 minute well scripted video will always be watched. Text and pictures are inferior, particularly on mobiles.
  3. Research has shown customers are 10 times more likely to take notice of a website with video than one that has not.

It is the most engaging content there is and done properly shows your professionalism by the way you come across. Most importantly people buy people before services. So to show good character, first class at what you offer, and empathy in person, video is the best introduction for new customers you can have.

  1. A video can be uploaded to You tube, Facebook and Instagram so it has uses other than just your website. Moreover 62% of people who do google searches to find a business category also do You tube searches. This helps them make the decision whom to do business with.

More details at https://360analysis.uk/video-2/

3) Animation    

Barriers and Guards to mental absorption and retention are lowered with cartoons. This was learned when young. Thus  communication of  key concepts is quicker and benefits of your business  bond  much stronger, especially relevant differentiation from competition. Empathically animation also connects far better than text and words. That is critical in the decision making process which slants in your favor after the cartoon. Ask any expert.

Animated videos are 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length. These short lengths are enough to get key points across and stop prospects disengaging. 

They are a quarter of the price of live video and in cases where either could be used are just as if not more effective.

Having relevant Animation with animation seo in your website gets google to priorities your website for the first page. Without having to pay for ad words.

Along with even better conversion rates to live video, it’s a definite winner.

The proof that Animation reignites your website or rockets starts a new one, is in your “Bounce rate” figures which google analytics show. If your site was badly designed your bounce rate exceeds 25% after 15 seconds.

The bounce rate when relevant videos or animation is used, is reduced to under 5% after 15 seconds,  95% staying for the length of the video plus 10-15 mins, or 42% taking beneficial action straight afterwards.

You’ll notice the difference by the large amount of extra inquiries and appointments you get.

4) Live Chat

Business is often doubled.

Why ?

Because leads you would not normally acquire when you’re busy, are picked up.

Never miss a lead again.

If a lead wants to talk to someone now, and you’re not available, evidence shows 82% of them call a competitor instead. We can change that for you so you never miss a lead again.

Try our site and whether it’s online or offline, see how our Chatbot handles you.

SEO is Boosted

Organic listings produce twice the click traffic to your website than paid adwords do (credibility).

Google have changed their main criteria for SEO listing from keywords to Popularity. All Web designers who use metataged keywords for SEO are now wasting their time. With a chatbot visitors, sometimes triple the time is spent on your site chatting, doing wonders for the way Google ranks your natural listing.

82% More Website Conversions

Because key points about key services or products are given in the chat.

All questions are answered in understandable format

Visitors have the information they want immediately.

And for those wanting to buy now, you have another customer.

Live Chat V Phone calls

Live chat has been shown to convert 43% more visitors to paying customers than a phone call (Ecommerce Foundation).This is because they are connected immediately and a solution is provided immediately (with a transcript, if they can access).

Transcript of the conversation.

If you run a business where key points are being made in the conversation, it’s important for a prospect who’s not yet ready to buy, to see exactly what was said because only a fraction is ever remembered. A transcript is sent on demand to the visitor as an option in his menu.

Online & Offline Leads emailed

The moment a visitor has entered livechat you are notified on your pc, mobile and an email is sent. Every time a message is sent by the visitor your pc notifies you (which you can toggle on/off).

Customer Service is 24/7

If you have any questions or need to know something you can have the answer straightaway from a live person. The same can happen when you offer Live chat to your customers.

If you’re not available someone trained in your business can cover the chat when you’re not available.

Live chat is Free

Add ons such as phone/video are available within the chat if you need them (£23/ month. If a time comes when the customer has been convinced enough he wants to speak directly to you, a call can then be initiated, within the chatbot, to speak (and have a direct video link if you wish).

With service businesses you’d be surpised how much more credibility a person you can see and speak to online makes.

Or have a live operator trained in your business take over when you are not available – or you decide manually.

Everything done for you

We will embed code in places you need on your website and program the chatbot to do what what you require it to do online and offline (2 separate chatbots that handle calls differently).

A Complete Turnkey operation

What if you don’t have a website ?

Free Landing Page

We can then design a

free landing page for you where the bot is placed. 

This can cover all the basics of your business, key areas of what you offer, why use you (knowledge and experience), prices etc.

All leads are recorded and emailed to you.

Business Knowledge Database

If you have a website we can extract from that and contruct a database of key facts for customer access (or live agent access).

A FAQ in searchable format.

We can do this for you (or you can do it yourself)

It’s all part of the Livechat Setup (optional).

Live trained Operator

Or have a live operator access your business knowledge base take over livechat when you are not available at hours you tell us – or you decide manually – so livechat is available at all times. That way leads are never lost and customer service is 100%. (From 80p/hr).

Something competitors cannot match.

If you want a free trial to see if this is worth it for you, 7 days is available.

Why not use it when you take a long weekend or a short holiday ?

Installing livechat for you

We will embed code in places you need on your website. We will also program the chatbot to do what you require online and offline. Something other chatbot suppliers won’t do.

Soon it will be able to take payment details securely within the app.


If you find Stats or Analytics useful (such as seeing what pages are most important to a visitor, what parts they read most, whether your site is scanned or read through and other useful data) then this information is available free.

This can improve your website design and dialogue significantly.

5) Landing Page Redesign

It takes less than a second for a visitor to decide whether to keep reading your website or not when arriving at the landing page. Your Landing Page is critical.

We can tell you if you need a more effective one and if you do why, what we recommend (plus a quote).

This is the least expensive most effective thing you can do to any website.

6) Copywriting

The Pen is mightier than the Sword

The main errors usually relate to Imbalanced or Mixed Messaging, and Poor Targeting.

But unpersuasive copy writing is also to blame.

Corrections are usually made through rewriting some or all of the text which you can either upload yourself or ask us or your web administrator to do.


7) Ebooks & Ebrochures

There are two types:

A) An Ebrochure (stage 4 of your introduction plan).

Stage 1 is being directed  to your website (see section 9 below). Stage 2 is the website itself. Stage 3 is your discussion with the client on the phone or meeting. Clients are often in comparison mode at this point so it’s vital that the prospect is reminded of key relevant points before they decide whom to appoint for professional representation.

A professionally copywritten and illustrated ebrochure of 4 A 5 pages is ideal for this. This is at least 3 times more effective than ordinary writing. Especially the punchy headlines that keep potential customers reading. It also goes well with a letter of care and trading terms you send out for reference and recommendation to others.

You are kept updated at all stages to make sure it meets with your approval.

B) An Eprospectus about your business is a longer and more detailed. It is for prospects who have visited your website but done nothing about it so far. They are identified by filling in a form on your website requesting something directly helpful to them Eg: “Accountants that know  Loopholes” or XYZ Solicitors “looking at all possibilities of winning for you”.

An eprospectus is an adjunct and follow up to your website.

They are also more preferable for printing out as they can be done in one go, rather than one page at a time from your website.

Also emailed free to current clients or prospects who find it ideal to pass onto others and also excellent for your image (demonstration of skills). We can send a sample of ours to you if you wish to see what we mean.
Explained fully: https://360analysis.uk/ebooks-ebrochures/

8) More Effective Photos and Illustrations

In order to reinforce any relevant and important message, customized imagery is drawn to help make your website more memorable. 95% of unmemorable websites are forgotten. This can be done within an e booklet or on the website itself.
We have access to photo libraries with millions of photos and images. There will be a selection appropriate to any tailor made copy writing strengthen the main messages.

9) Logos, Letterheads and Business Cards

The Importance of Logos

Logos, and where they appear, is the first impression you create when you project your brand and create memorability. They carry important associations of what prospective customers can expect from you and therefore have to be designed with professional precision. There is both a science and and art to doing this correctly, and this is one thing you do not do a “cheap” job on.

As with all communications these are derived from what you are trying to communicate to whom. It is the first impression image you create with a prospective client as well as existing ones where you reinforce your brand and create memorability.

There’s a 5 phase procedure (Discovery, Exploration, Design, Refinement and Exactitude). To ensure professional creation attention ensures fonts, colors and shapes all coordinate to deliver your brand and identity, both consciously and unconsciously with whoever comes into contact with what you offer.

The Logo will be used not only on your letterheads and business cards but also on your website, with all social media and advertising. So is it important or not to get it right ?

10) Driving Customers to your website

There’s no point having a website if it is only being used at 5% efficiency. Ie: only there for people who pass your details on by singular recommendations (eg: friends, relatives or existing clients) or anything not linked to your website directly. Singular recommendations, whilst helpful, consist of only 5% of new clients in 2020.

This is because the majority of prospects are now researching online for professional people where getting much more information to help make their selection is available.

These are people who are either using google for comparisons, you tube or instagram to see if you have any videos (personability and focus messages), linked in for your career history (and to see what others of repute say about you there), recommendation sites (eg: google referrals and yelp) to see what others encountering you have said, or researching any articles about you on the net (PR).

There are quite a few other methods, but what is correct depends on the scenario and everything is different. We use industry reports to see how people in your specific industry make their choices. Ie: Know what they look for as priorities.

If you think this is all unaffordable, think again. It’s not about quantity of decisions, it’s about quality. Hitting the nail on the head. Not pressing every button there is that may or may not help.

Quality decision making is about knowing the elements that will be most effective to your bottom line (over the period planned) and discarding anything that consumes unnecessary resources or acts as a distraction from what is really important.

This is needed to maximise the ROI causal relationship between input and output. Once that is determined implementation can start.

If you’re “branded” (and there are brands in every industry) many customers will skip these stages and knee jerk reaction to employing you, in the same way that any brand carries much higher levels of trust in performance and integrity than an “unknown”.

We can develop a brand for you if you wish 


If you don’t know the true ROI of skilful harnessing different aspects of the net then isn’t it time you got help ?

Browse this web site for more information or go to our contact page for phone numbers, email or engage in live chat.


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