What to Expect

Below are examples of websites falling into different categories. They are determined by the complexity of the website and the amount of copywriting/imagery but other factors also apply.

Budget Websites

Get the essentials conveyed with a relevant & engaging landing page (very important), straightforward descriptions of what you offer on the remaining pages, simple navigation and design. The average price for a budget website is in the table on pricing but subject to any extras.

Most budget websites can be delivered within 3 days.



Standard Websites

A Standard website is the most common one on the internet.

It has more focus on the Landing page (the most important page) than the budget website. It has to have maximum impact to get the prospective customer continue reading and to get this relevant needs creativity and imagination .

Landing Pages with effect to maintain interest & keep visitors reading.

We design different landing pages relevant to your business and main message.

Like this.

Standard websites are more extensive in terms of number of pages menus, copywriting and photos/illustrations and overall design work conveying more potent messages and more information about the business.

Websites are one of the most important investments your business can make in attracting new customers. Typical delivery time is 7 to 14 days depending how involved the site is.


Customised Web Sites

Customised web sites are for businesses who understand the importance of having their “Shop Window” done to an exacting standard. To do this there are usually several discussions between client and designer to ensure everything is done to client specifications, while at the same time adhering to professional communication rules. The nature and type of business can support a site that does all the right things from objective setting to a perfect message through all the right images and copywriting. The design of the navigation and menus will also be just right for the sort of business.


Branding Websites

A Branding website requires expertise in the short, medium and long term.

It’s not only about getting customers immediately. It’s about building a brand which involves working with you closer than any other website development so that your business is an automatic go-to than your competitors. Branding is an acceleration in business growth as it is far more potent than any personal recommendation or referral.

Branding means development of relevant associations with your business at an advanced level and so requires significant expertise.  It requires creative, potent ideas to make your name memorable, relevant and recommendable. Branding  acts on the mind in a way any other type of promotion cannot. It buries itself deeply into people’s belief systems.

That’s why so may businesses do it. From not being heard of, to just being heard of, to being heard of and associated with exactly what prospective customers are looking for in knee-jerk “go-to” terms. You can’t beat a strong brand.

There’s no “standard” branding site as each company is positioned differently in the marketplace.

But £ for £ you can get up to 1000 times back what you invested in a branding site.


Associations with Life enrichment.


Associations with Life Ethics and Principles


Associations with professional Standards and a wide range of services

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