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95% of businesses can benefit in some way with a web site, as people like to know who and what they are dealing with, and information on what you offer. Having a website provides you the opportunity to show what you offer and that you are a reputable company and worth trusting. Not everything can be known from the website, which can say a lot. The rest comes from other forms of communication (such as advertising) and direct contact.

A professional website does much of the work for you – in advance.

We live in an information age and with almost everyone having internet, a business not being “found” can raise questions as to why not.

Why have others in your industry got a web site and you haven’t ? If much of your business comes from referrals, then having the best possible web site for your budget can only be good for you.

Linked in handles personal profiles, web sites for company ones, which in some cases, can also incorporate personal blogs.


80% of people interested in buying something conduct online research first. In the old days personal recommendations were at the top. Not any more.

Now there is more access to information online, buyers defer to that first. Recommendations are still taken BUT only as part of other research now.

A Store website is the second most popular form of research coming above personal recommendations. In fact recommendations can be incorporated in websites which can have a much more potent effect than recommendations on their own (Eg: Amazon)

Once Google is added on, followed by other things your business ends up being pretty high on the shortlist.

If you have a website how could it be improved ?

95% of small business web sites can be improved. Why ?

Because they were put together by coders or designers, not Professional planners or Website Architects.

Designers create something that looks ok using photos and layout. By looking at the web sites of designers selling web site construction, you will see nice graphic designs with great effects on many of them. But in practice how effective are they in getting the results intended ? Can you tell a book by its cover ?

Website Architects, on the other hand, consider the buyer journey, how they think and how to construct the website to meet specific objectives like image, building your reputation, getting particular messages across, getting phone calls and visits you can experience as the results of their efforts.

Everything on the website is there for a reason other than to look pretty or space filling.

They will talk to you about your business, how the website can work best for you, produce a layout showing how it comes together using professional copywriting blended with illustrations. This will

get the intended message across by physical or overt/covert psychological stimuli and being persuasive and effective.

Ordinary designers do not do any of the above – they are not trained in this!

Web Planners & Architects also use artwork that enhances and communicates what is needed in the best way. All this leads to a far better “website to sales contribution ratio”.

Web planners and Architects know an effective website must:

  • Establish Trust and

With only a few seconds on your side, you need to win over your visitor’s trust quickly so he/she remains on your site.

  • Emotional

Cultivating an emotional connect with prospective customers

For any designer, no matter whether his brand is new or established, knowing and incorporating psychology will bring in rewards. Design psychology is the single most important component that decides human interaction and website conversion rate.

Have Pattern consistency

How many designers know about Pattern Consistency ? Using the wrong patterns in web design, makes your visitors uncomfortable and click away from you. Most of the people read in ‘Z’ pattern and are used to find logo in the top left corner. Any alteration in these basic patterns can end up creating negative thoughts.

It is designer’s job not to tweak with these basics but add to them and create something new to maintain customer engagement with the website.

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