Small Businesses

HMRC: A small business = less than 50 employees AND turnover or balance sheet under £10 million

Every small business is different.

From Accountancy Practices, Law firms, Architects, to Garages.

All can benefit from the opportunity of more and higher spending customers.

This website shows you how we use what you need and the information you give us to develop special promotions for you, to show you opportunities you never thought existed.

Sometimes this is done in one step. Sometimes more.

When it is more than one or two steps, expenditure is more of an investment which pays back over a longer period, eg: Establishing an Image, Reputation or a Brand. If you already have a brand or reputation, to strengthen it and make it much more widely known.

Go through this website carefully and you will understand the rationale.

Because if you do, this will happen:

Although the principles outlined in this website can be utilised by any size business, small businesses particularly benefit by:

  1. Identification of the most important aspects that can be improved. This is done by an understanding of:
  2. What matters most and what doesn’t (key relevant variables)
  3. How to improve the returns on your website or creation of a new one that achieves much more (and the reasoning for this).
  4. An improvement of online presence, including a demonstration of the latest advertising areas and techniques that will boost your customer base.
  5. New ideas and fresh thinking. You’d be surprised how just small changes sometimes make all the difference. Assumptive decision making is certainly much quicker. It is also riskier.
  6. Data driven decision making replacing assumptive decision making and guesswork, the latter two leaving too much to luck, not informed planning. Experience is always best supplemented by important, relevant feedback and other types of information.

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