When shortlisting businesses to deal with, how do you think potential customers decide ?

Statistiscs show 80% of people research online before purchase.

Google now show business reviews when the business comes up in the listings.

Which Garage’s web site would you go to?

Which Dental Practice would you go to ?

There are also review sites with your name on it that Google indexes such as Yelp.

For local businesses this is especially important when prospective customers move from one area to one which you are in, and are looking for new services to deal with.

For online businesses this is even more important, as there is national competition here and being prominent means good reviews, a properly produced website and lots of direction to it.

Review websites.

Before potential customers visit your website it’s important they arrive there after reading good reviews about you.

Who will prospective customers go to – businesses with lots of positive reviews, or those with much fewer, or none at all ?

Positive reviews stack the odds in your favour.

4 ways to get positive reviews:

    1. Being on Review sites:

The main review sites are:

Yelp, Google Reviews, Bing, Feefo, Twitter (By no of followers), Tripadvisor (Esp: Hospitality) and Trustpilot.

Are you on any of them ?

You could be and not know it. Eg: Google Reviews.

2.Online Links (Esp: Social Networking).

You can optimize your website through links from social media and social profiles and sending emails to provide quick and easy avenues through which to reviews can be written.


Eg: By setting links from your Yelp and Facebook pages for visitors to read and leave reviews prior to visiting your website. This way your website visitors are already favouring you before they visit your site.


 3. Ask at the right moment.

Eg: After they have a good experience with your service. Ask them for their email address and send them a link to your review sites and web site asking for a review.

Don’t forget the incentive (like an expiring discount voucher on the site where the review is) or they may forget to do so.

4. Creating incentives onsite for reviews.


Good reviews help build a reputation, then an image and then a brand.

One of the important effects of a brand, apart from the automatic preference for what you offer over others, is that it attracts Talented Personnel.

And Talented Personnel build the business through even better reviews of work done.

Resulting in an upward spiral of Growth.

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