1. Read the “Standards” Section first (above this one in the menu). This will put the pricing table at the end into context in terms of what Standards the site is built to.
  2. Then “What to Expect”. This gives examples.
  3. Prices given in the table are averages. Depending on exactly what is required within each category, prices will vary (up or down !) but not drastically.

Prices are calculated using time taken plus copy/illustrations, ssl certificate & hosting cost (if any).

Please tap the image to see the bigger version.

Please tap the image to see the bigger version.

Please tap the image to see the bigger version.

All prices include an SSL security certificate so you don’t lose potential customers from bad Google positioning and potential customer fears about visiting your website. Your website will (and must) start with https, not http.

The hourly rate on sites requiring more experience and greater and more varied skills is higher.


Photos: You supply the photos or we can have them taken for you.

Video: If appropriate, on customised sites only.

Illustrations: In some cases illustrations are better than photos as they offer more flexibility in delivering the message you need to.

Website Production: If you want a quote to produce a website, or have one upgraded for you, send us the link(s) of other websites and tell us what aspects you like about them. This will give us a starting point.

Briefing Us:

If you like parts of one website (Eg: The Navigation) and other parts from another, send us 2 links or as many as is relevant to your needs, aswell as a description of what you want. We will categorise it for you and give you a quote, but the above pricing guide is what you can expect.

This will not affect the potency of the site we produce for you as there will be content improvements (planning, copywriting, artwork, premium design and other variables) making your site shine significantly over those you linked us to.

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