New Ideas and Creativity

Unattractive does not mean badly designed. It means not making enough of a difference. Ie: What differentiates you from what competitors offer.

Therefore first and second impressions must be potent.   

There’s no point in being creative or different without it achieving a business goal.

What is it about your website that makes a prospect think yours is the service to choose over others in your industry ?

That is where new ideas and creativity come in.

Your web site has 20-30 seconds to impress its visitors. Creative ways of conveying focus messages, such as the use of summarising imagery to align itself with something prospects at the level you serve, is key. They draw the reader into wanting to know more.

Examples shown here are for Accountants (as these are perceived by most as more homogeneous at the lower levels) but would apply to any profession. Whatever profession you are in there will be creative answers for you.

The creative aspect is one that can use a myriad of methods.

This is an example that would work well with Accountants appealing to small businesses.

Larger ones would use different appeals such as conveying abilities to analyse figures and identify trends and opportunities, not immediately apparent to the untrained eye. Others may be the installation and running of large IT management reporting systems that not only save costs but give management the figures they need on demand to help them make informed decisions.

These types of appeals justify much higher hourly rates. And that is what prospects look for in professionals without strong branding (ie: how many companies have heard of you ?)

If your website does not use the right type of creativity to convey relevant strengths you will simply be compared on an hourly rate or quote basis.

You need demonstrate, creatively, that you are the professional of choice without boasting.This is because anyone can say anything and not be believed.

Inference is best and a demonstration of the way you project yourself creatively

You can either make the least of your position or the most or somewhere in between.

Pluribus AI beats the strongest players at poker. It makes the most of any scenario and will always win in the long run. This is because poker is a game of skill and luck. Just as in business. But luck evens out in the long term allowing skill to rule.

The same for you. It’s always worth it to hire the best help, almost regardless of what it costs. This is because the extra profits you make using the best course of action v a low level or mediocre one is incomparable.

You’ll never find a fool paying for the best, because people whopay for the best, know exactly what the best can do for them. Particularly at the higher levels.

That’s why you need creatives who know how to promote you in just the right ways and play the game in such a way that you win. They cannot only bring you to the next level but the next two or three levels.

You stand out. You are considered. You are chosen.

Every time.

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