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In contrast to the vast majority of other promotional websites to help your business, this website goes into detailed explanations as to how what we provide works.

This is because the services we provide are mostly aimed at professional people who want to know specifically how we can help them, and in detail, rather than making broad sweeping statements about what we do.

We sometimes give statistics and back up data with a reference to show that if you do X for so long Y can be expected as a result.

Our Web Sites:

Increase up to 4 times your current profits by optimising key online variables.

Most websites:

  • Help the competition more than themselves ( through copywriting and image errors resulting in mixed or negative messaging).

Eg: Numerous websites come over as cheap DIY, or over the top, which do more harm than good to your image.

  • Operate at only 30% of their potential due to content and planning mistakes. Carelessness and negligence reflect on business image badly.
  • Are not prominent on the search engines (vital in business sites). If you don’t do it your competition will find it easy and inexpensive to do this, as bids for key words become cheap to acquire.
  • Do not have a potent message, or if they do, deliver it inefficiently.

From Design to Architecture.

In addition to what other web designers offer, our web sites also involve planning and psychology specific to your business (making sure the website actually gets results for you), customised professional copywriting and illustrations.

Web Design psychology, means designing from visitor’s perspective. Affecting how your visitors feel when they land on your website. Incorporating psychology into a web site that resonates with people’s feelings to have a strong influence of trust and desire to do business with you.

As a small company you might think this is expensive.

It isn’t.

Email us for a quote telling us what your business is and what you want the website to do and we’ll send you a proposal to do it for you affordably. If you have one already we’ll evaluate yours free.

Search Support 

Google Adwords, Adsense and Analytics


Are you in all the main online directories ?: Four Square, Scoot, Opendi and Yell ?

Entries in local directories raise your position in Google’s natural listings aswell as a local profile for people who search this way.


Strong branding provides knee-jerk reactions to shortlist you and eliminate non branded competition. Customers pay higher prices for strong brands. With a potent brand you don’t need to product differentiate because it is automatically assumed you are better.

Good branding elevates a business and builds recognition and loyalty to levels  that take you several levels up.

A strong brand acts as an automatic self referral that associates with trust, reliability, competance and elimination of any risk an unbranded purchase would have.

There are many clever techniques to developing a brand and it has never been easier, especially with so many people online, easily reachable affordably, and influenced by others and clever psychology .

Eg: Many franchisees pay heavy commissions to use someone else’s brand. But it’s a better investment if you have one developed for you.

And you are never too small to have one.

Sales Promotions 

The main objectives of sales promotions could be:

  • To obtain
  • To induce Trial (Esp if your service or product is particularly good).
  • To increase the size of
  • To draw attention to something.

They are often used to blend with other forms of promotion.


An image is the impression others get from the way you present yourself. Both visually and through written & verbal communications. It is a contributer to a Brand, but it also stands alone . An image does not have to always be associated with “quality”. It can be associated with “value”, “inexpensive”, “bargain”, “efficient”, “effective”.

Anything you want it to stand for.

For small businesses Letterhead Design, Logos and Slogans, although not as important as your website, being found easily online, and social media (for recommendations) all contribute to your image.

Could you do with an image upgrade ?


When you don’t have a convincing website, an image or a brand, people have to rely on recommendations. They don’t want to trust an unknown entity. 90% of buyers claimed positive reviews caused them to buy, while 86 percent said negative reviews put them off. (Dimensional Research)

  • 91% of 18-34 year olds trust online reviews as much as personal
  • 90% of customers looking at reviews would only engage with businesses who got rated 4 or 5 stars. 5 stars getting the majority of the business. (It doesn’t cost more to get 5 stars ! Much is down to customer service).
  • 68% of consumers will leave a review if asked. (An important statistic).
  • Customers are willing to spend 31% more on a business with excellent

Do you think it’s important for us to help you get good reviews ?

Blending Variables

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Most have heard this and everything can blend to be very effective. People don’t only make decisions based on research. They do it because they feel confident from the image they have prior and during contact that they are not going to be dissappointed.

And we know how to do that.

Heirarchy of Effectiveness

In summary:

  • At the top comes what you offer, for how much and what sort of people mostly buy from
  • Next is your Brand and Image
  • Then comes how effectively you communicate with them, and what they think of Because this all influences them to do business with you.

Done properly, and treated at all relevant levels, leads to more customers and higher spending ones.

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