Live Chat – Why ?

Business is often doubled.


Why ?

Because leads you would not normally acquire, because you’re busy, are picked up.

  • Never miss a lead again.

If a lead wants to talk to someone now and you’re not available, evidence shows 82% of them call a competitor instead.

Live chat (which can be taken by anyone on a pc or an app on their phone) is the answer. It captures name, email, phone and brief requirements, so you’re prepared. If you can’t chat live, the chat can go to another person’s pc or phone, or the Chatbot AI can take over.


Not only that, an operator outside your organisation can handle the chat for you if no-one within it is available.

Or you can chat on your phone through a dedicated Android or Apple App.

The choice is yours.

37% of web visits are after hours and 16% of visitors are at the weekend. If a prospect or customer wants to talk will they wait until the next day or try a competitor’s site with live chat or AI.

(Ecommerce Foundation)

This graph was compiled over 9,000 people so is very accurate. Only 1 in 10 prospective customers will wait for you or call you back after 10 mins has elapsed and a 10X decrease after 5 mins.

 After all why wait for you when there is competition available to spoeak to them now ?

 Live chat (Multitasking if necessary), Delegated outsourced Live chat (we arrange) or the busy/out of hours chatbot kicks in. Whatever the case, you are covered 24/7.

 No more lost leads. Even if you’re on holiday.

 Try our site and whether it’s online or offline, see how our Chatbot handles you.

  • SEO is Boosted

    Organic listings produce twice the click traffic to your website than paid adwords do (credibility).

     Google have changed their main criteria for SEO listing from keywords to Popularity. All Web designers who use metataged keywords for SEO are now wasting their time.

     Google now measure the amount of time visitors are on the website to determine a site’s SEO ranking.

     Websites with Live chat (and AI when not) can triple the time a visitor is on the site, saving you money on adwords and doubling your relevant clicks.


3 –  82% More Website Conversions

Because key points about key services or products are given in the chat.

All questions are answered in understandable format

Visitors have the information they want immediately.

And for those wanting to buy now, you have another customer.

4 –  Live Chat V Phone calls

Live chat has been shown to convert 43% more visitors to paying customers than a phone call.

5 –   Transcript of the conversation.

If you run a business where key points are being made in the conversation, it’s important for a prospect not ready to buy yet, to see exactly what was said because only a fraction is ever remembered. Sometimes even who you are.

Especially if they are calling others. Apart from each conversation being saved within the chat itself (in the chatbot) which the prospect sees when returning, you can email the transcript to them along with anything else, because the chatbot has captured their email address (along with name and phone number).

No visitor on chat is anonymous on chat, as they are on the phone. With the option of a follow up email or callback, those who are sitting on the fence, sit no more.

Check out the Chatbot on this website and see how both online and offline scenarios are handled.

6 –  Online & Offline Leads emailed

 The moment a visitor has entered livechat you are notified on your pc, mobile and an email is sent. Every time a message is sent by the visitor your pc notifies you (which you can toggle on/off). Name, email, phone number, and requirements are captured aswell as anything else you need (such as budget in some industries).

7 –  Customer Service is 24/7

Customer Service is 24/7 in Livechat with a real person.

If you have any questions or need to know something you can have the answer straightaway. The same as can happen when you offer Live chat to your customers. If you’re not available someone trained in your business can over the chat when you’re not available.

8 –  Live chat is Free

Optional add ons such as phone/video are available within the chat. If a time comes when a customer decides he wants to speak directly to you, a call can be initiated within the live chatbot to speak (and have video link if necessary).

Everything done for you

We will embed code in places you need on your website and program the chatbot to do what is required online and offline (2 separate chatbots that handle calls differently) to get you up and running.

You make decisions as to whether to capture someone’s name, email and phone number or not, before they can chat (some chatters prefer anonymity) – the choice is yours.

Something other chatbot suppliers won’t do.

Once we have this working and you’re happy, we can install other bots on other web sites you have, or in social media such as facebook or other social media so you’re in touch with customers either directly or through live delegated staff.

We also provide stats so you can see how customers are using the chatbot for or navigating y our website for imp rovement purposes. Viewable from your dash board.

All leads are recorded and emailed to you.


A Live trained Operator

Or have a live operator take over livechat when you are not available at hours you tell us.

Daytime, Evening Time, Weekends or 24/7 – so livechat is available at all times.

That way leads are never lost and customer service is 100%. (From 80p/hr).


We can also compile a database of FAQs for your business based on information you give us and from your website.

This goes into a knowledgebase so the live operator knows the answer to any question someone may ask.

If you want someone trained in sales, your business and all your social marketing for you, plus admin work this can also be arranged.

Something competitors cannot match.

If you want a free trial to see if this is worth it for you, 14 days is available.


Chatbot Selection

There are over 20 chatbots available on the market all with different pros and cons.

Some are stronger in some areas, some in others.

And all have different features.

It depends on the nature of your business and your online availablity.

We will provide you with the best chatbot for your needs focusing on livechat, offline chat or takeover agents.

 Ask us for a special code to get you started free and get the ball rolling.

Installing live chat/offline chat for you

We will embed code in places you need on your website. We will also program the chatbot to do what you require online and offline. Something other chatbot suppliers won’t do.

Once we have this working and you are happy, we can (optionally) install other chatbots on other web sites you have, or sociaI media, such as facebook.

 Our bot is more functional than messenger or what’s app as it is designed for business. It has various levels of custom isation, transcript and lead capture capabilities. Soon it will be able to take payment details securely within the app.


 If you find Stats or Analytics useful (such as seeing what pages are most important to a visitor, what parts they read most, whether your site is scanned or read through and other useful data) then this information is available free.

 This can improve your website design and dialogue at least 100%.

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