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81% of consumers search online before buying either a product or service. That is how important having the best website and other communications are in attracting new business.

Whatever your business, there are often options for improvements you have not considered. Fresh thinking and new ideas can easily double your efficiency and profits. Without knowing all possible choices (and their evaluation) you cannot be sure you are making the best decisions.

Most small businesses are run at 20% to 30% of their true potential. They stagnate or grow at a reduced pace. This is because the owner does not know all the different ways of attracting new business, and makes more guesstimates of what to do, than actually knowing what’s right.

Many companies in service industries use their credibility, reputation and recommendations to get new customers. Especially those in destination locations. But the right Marketing can enhance this, two or threefold, sometimes tenfold, easily.

Although Marketing spans many areas, one of the most prominent and recognisable areas is Marketing Communications – otherwise known as promotion.

To be the most effective at promoting your business it is vital that a good understanding of it comes first. This helps to determine the best ways to reach and convince new customers to use you. Without that understanding the wrong people with the wrong message can be reached and anything done on the promotional front will either be weak or ineffective.

That is why, before any promotional plan and execution is put into effect, there is a discussion with you to understand what you are doing now, and how it can be improved. New ideas you may not have thought of, or alternative suggestions may be made to ensure you get the best results for any investment you make.

Areas like Branding, web site design (66% of small businesses now have a website), Copywriting, Graphic Design, Social media presence, Search engine Promotion and Analytics (and a host more activities) all determine how you are seen by your prospective customers and how they are influenced in choosing you rather than anyone else in the same business. If you already have all this, improvements may be suggested (and why these are being put forward) and additional ideas to enhance your position.

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