Ebooklets and Ebrochures

Ebooklets are a very effective way to create a list of prospects, demonstrate your expertise, and generate interest in your services. They are 4 pages upwards, strategically planned, copywritten, graphically designed, up to 3 revisions, proofed but very affordable.

They are listed as the best value for money way to obtain new customers in the shortest amount of steps.

Ebooklets work best with exisiting websites.

An ebooklet is also easier to print than individual web site pages, more memorable and 75%-90% are emailed onto contacts once your service (assuming it is good) has been experienced.


Ebooklets confer strong competitive advantage because most small businesses don’t use ebooklets or brochures, thinking it’s an unnecessary add on.

They are not just wrong, but completely wrong.


1) Obtaining leads for emailing (very common application)

A free ebooklet in a related area is offered in return for the prospects email and other contact details. These are then entered into a program like Mailchimp which can be used to send the booklet and store the email in a database of prospective customers. You can then do whatever you like with this from sending special offer emails to out opt in newsletters.

Expect 1 in 10 to become a new customer or client.

Eg: For Accountants it could be “10 ways to beat the Taxman”,

For Lawyers it could be “Effectively Negotiate Settlements”

For Dentists it could be “White Smiles Affordably”

For Architects it could be “21 Free Designs” (Templates)

Or anything you think would be appealing.

This is all automated so the moment the prospect enters his email address the booklet is sent to that address and he is on whatever emailing program you want.

All Booklets below relate to your business specifically and are downloaded free or sent with the above booklet. You can have one or the other or both.

2) 90% of booklets are read through v 15% read your website

3) 50% increase in enquiries through email pass on

4)  Excellent for highlighting skills through focused copywriting

5) Long term brand building

6)  Accelerated Customer Acquisition.

Treble the speed than any but the best  websites (10% are best)

Because you collect emails and then monitor who eventually becomes customers you can see exactly how effective this process is for yourself. This in turn builds our credibility and we then hope you use our help in other areas.

Who Particularly Benefits:

Accountants, Solicitors, Dentists, Vets, Architects, Surveyors and anything where a lot of knowledge or skills apply.

You have the opportunity to show strategic, tactical and even creative thinking. We work with you to create an eBooklet to showcase your authority on an “in-demand” relevant subject in your area or anything else that will meet the objective of the ebooklet.

Successful case studies are the no.1 lead generator as prospects love these more than anything. Incorporating these into an ebooklet is a perfect use.

An ebook is also searchable.

So a client who wants the answer to a particular question finds it immediately, without having to waste time trying to find it on your website.

Most importantly though in today’s commercial battlefield, brand trust and authority is everything. In fact, studies suggest that 63% of customers would only buy from a known brand. That’s a difficult statistic to ignore.

One of the best ways to show people how trustworthy you are is by creating an eBook on a subject that they care about and answering their questions or concerns in a creative, engaging way

2) Restaurants and Upmarket Pubs.

Lots of photos by the menu with the right descriptions make this a natural application. The ability to show a busy environment with people enjoying the social aspect, and others the food and drink is one not to be missed.

3. Destination Retailers

Destination retailers have no passing trade so they have to cultivate a customer base. This is usually done by recommendation. However as ebooklets are one of the best means for getting additional customers via  recommendation, ebooklets are a good fit here.

Hairdressers, Carwashes, DIY stores, Off Licenses, Computer Stores, Phone Repairs, IT Services, Gyms, Car Dealers & Garages are examples.

For Retail the brochure or short ebook is a handy reminder of who you are, what you offer and where you are. With no passing trade, simply relying on an existing customer base is not enough. You need to grow.

An ebooklet of your business, displayed to best effect, emailed onto others is essential.

4) Recruitment Agencies

The Recruitment Agency business is a large industry populated by lots of small companies. The success of any one business depends largely on attracting both staff with particular types of attributes (tenacity, persuasiveness, high financial motivations etc) and the best candidates. If you take a leaf out of the book of the most prominent ones you will see they use ebooklets and ebrochures to do exactly this. The memorability and pass on features are especially useful here.

Another type of booklet is prepared specifically to target new clients by enhancing the companies credibility in being able to deliver candidates with the best fit to the company’s requirements. This is done through case study analysis and happy customer recommendations.

Although it is expected that consultants recruit clients aswell as candidates, progressive agencies know that to motivate and keep top earning staff they have to pass on qualified leads aswell.

Statistics show at least 1 in 10 prospects, of a contact list compiled using ebooklets or ebrochures, will convert to a new client without any selling. With Selling, 1 in 5. A mediocre website (90% of them) has a 1 in 30 strike rate.

How many new customers will it take to pay for the ebooklet ?

And in the long term what are these customers worth ?

First Aid for your website

Brochures and/or ebooklets are not just supplements.

They provide first aid.

The three most common issues:

  • The website has no relevant Standard ones tend to list or expand on all the services provided (which eveyone else does). So this is not seen as special and is therefore not absorbed.

It has nothing memorable about it.

  • Uncertainties regarding client confidence in delivering the skills needed vis a vis competitors. There will always be better skilled people than others but that doesn’t mean they always get the most business.

Clients can’t tell the difference between good, bad and indifferent in advance so they have to rely on other things. What the business says (website and ebrochures/ebooks) and what others say about it (reviews for instance).

And that is why initial impressions are important to be shortlisted early.

  • Websites not produced by web architects or ad agencies, but standard designers, do not use AIDA. This is the process a website (or any marketing communication) must follow to stop visitors from disconnecting and leaving after seconds rather than reading through.

It’s the method of drawing in and getting your prospective client progressively more interested and involved.

So not enough of the website is read and doesn’t convert enough visitors to enquiries, to then become clients.

There are many professions and businesses that are doing well without this, but are still only operating at 30-40% efficiency, because with more potential customers favouring you over others, you will soon feel the difference.

A free Ebooklet or Downloadable brochure from your website helps the AIDA process (Interest Phase) focus your business properly in the mind of a prospective client.

By using professional copywriting and image blending techniques, that were not used on your website, we can create a downloadable free ebook on your website or ebrochure to supplement your website in a few days.

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