Easy Steps

If you only want a basic website (4 pages) we still work with you, but we allocate most of the time to the construction of the website.

There are then only three steps:

1)         Tell us what you want the website to do for you

2)         Give us a link or links to similar websites you like

3)         Go to the Quotes > Prices > Types of Website page and pick a type out.

And we’ll come back to you with a basic proposal incl an outline of the site and a  price.

OR …

Behind The Scenes

Read the rest of this site as to what goes on behind the scenes.

What looks good and what is good are two different things.

One brings in customers and the other doesn’t – or not nearly in the same proportions.

If you read the sections here you will understand how to evaluate a Good Website from an ineffective one (one that looks the part but is not).

We will also have more meaningful, valuable and quicker discussions as you will understand exactly what we are doing and why.

Instead of having to trust a designer who can talk the talk but not walk the walk.

Why Us

Because we plan the website in a way to elicit results, not just look pretty.

Read on …..

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