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3 ways we can help double your property acquisitions

  • Copywritten Canvassing Letters

Nothings stands in the way of a Good Copywritten letter.

Did you know you get twice as many results with this type of letter than with something DIY ?  (

No surprise then why ad agencies pay Copywriters more than the best paid Architects or Surveyors in the UK.

This is because it draws the prospect in step by step hitting on reasoned and emotional pressure points as it goes on. This prevents it automatically being thrown in the bin after a few seconds. Something that happens to most standard canvassing letters.

The heart of property development lies in the ability to locate the right properties at the right price. Many people with old buildings, land or just properties in the the right place can often be persuaded to sell if done correctly.

That means knowing:

  • what headline will work best
  • what to say and what not to.
  • how to say it
  • the number of steps it should take and what they are
  • whether short or long copy should be used
  • and how to call for action properly.

If you know the answers to the above, and can implement them perfectly you don’t need a copywriter. If you don’t, a copywriter will get you far improved responses than you have ever obtained. Greater responses equals more discussions ends up with more deals (as the numbers play out).

Copywritten letters will capture those people on the fence and many more of those that will sell properties to you that otherwise wouldn’t. That’s been proven time and again.

Like all types of communication we work closely with you to understand what type of people are going to receive the letter and what your initial objectives are. Of course the better your targeting the more you will make of a copywritten letter.

We offer three boosts:

  • A Much better Canvassing Letter.

Large companies always have their canvassing letters copywritten and although they have larger budgets they don’t like throwing money away. They find it pays. So will you.

  • Special Website Section

A special website section on your website dedicated to the acquision of development plots is not just preferable. It’s critical.

This is because looking at the small to midrange property developers’ websites in the UK, it is clear some are good developers but none realise it’s a specialised job to convince land or property owners who wouldn’t normally get involved with them to now do so.

It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it.

Btw: If you can tell us what’s “wrong” with this video we will copywrite a canvassing letter free of charge for you. You are allowed one attempt.

There are many scenarios where vendors are sitting on the fence where the the right move obtains what you need and the wrong move loses.

Having a special website section designed by a web architect and copywriter specially for this purpose is paid for for by just one extra deal you would gain as a result of doing this.

What are you waiting for ?

Go to the contact us section and ask for a quote (or email us).

  • Joint Venture Ebooklet

Some properties are acquired through a JV proposal where the property owner receives a percentage of the profits as an alternative to the sale of his property for development.

This can be an appealing 3rd option for those prospects preferring that, to either selling outright, or him trying to develop the property himself (without experience).

If you do wish to propose a JV , we can copywrite and graphically design both the letter to do this and an ebooklet/ebrochure specially for a JV to highlight who you are, what you’ve done before and the way in which this type of process would work to persuade the otherwise reluctant vendor this is a workable option.

The advantage of doing this would be you can choose whether to offer it as a choice on your website in the above section with an ebooklet follow up, for more detail. Or, if you do not want to mention the possibility of a JV on your website, preferring to see if the prospect is willing to sell directly first, you can leave this out.

Then, if you can’t do a deal with the prospect in terms of a sale, a JV is an option you may wish to resort to by sending a copywritten ebooklet explaining why the JV option is a jointly profitable alternative choice.

An ebooklet is the idea way to do this as you have the opportunity to go into detail which we can convey in ways which are easily digestable and persuasive.

Having this ready at hand pays for itself with the first sucessful application multiple times over .

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