If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is 24,000 words a second. It’s uniquely suited to provide visitors with an instant impression of your business and services.

The importance of that cannot be overstated.

Of all the professions, Dentists are the ones who use video the most.

This is because it is the ideal medium to demonstrate expertise, skills and instill client confidence. It is the most important medium to obtain their trust. Both in your integrity, sincerity and your skills.

Seeing you “live” and the way youproject yourself, particularly your body languague, cannot compare with a photo and text.

The personability of the dentist and videos of satisfied patients with treatment before and after, makes your services even more enticing. This because it’s often just as important to display the personality that aligns with the prospective new client’s expectations of  what they are looking for in a dentist, as it is in skills confidence.

Not all dentists are equal. And prospective clients know it. Eg: Some root canal treatments can be very difficult and some dentists will do a better job than others. You need to assure them you are one of them. This is known from personal experience.

Premium treatments are also explained better with video giving a good idea of what to expect.  The justification as to why implants, for example, are the price they are, by showing the stages in action gives many clients consolation they are getting value for money as well as a first class service with cutting edge technology.

Eg: A video showing an implant being done looking easy and pain free acts as a differentiation mechanism that sets your dental practice apart from others providing the same thing. This is because prospects prefer to gain as much information as possible before deciding to proceed. They need to see the resources you can draw on are just as good as any specialist. (Because the resources are specialist).

Many will choose the dentist whom they feel comfortable with rather than one that is an “unknown” or cheaper.

A video makes you more of a “known” and builds your brand.

Upgraded Web Site

As a professional we expect you will read more of the sections of this web site than others. In doing so you will understand that what makes a superior web site is its architecture and then its design, not vice-versa. Most dental web sites get it the wrong way round.

Message Delivery

Most dentists know one of the main focal messages is “a quality smile” through great looking teeth. However the execution of delivering that, is often medicre. And with every dental practice using this as a focal message, everyone’s message cancels everyone else’s out. Very similar to the way SEO works. Adwords cost but provide an excellent ROI if combined with a first class website.

The best delivery is a video similar to what American dentists do of patients smiling and showing satisfaction as to how it’s changed their confidence levels, attraction to the opposite sex and at social gatherings.

People buy demonstrable benefits far more than features. Photos of white teeth are not that convincing because they are more associated with being “cherry picked”. Videos are interpretated as completely realistic. Look at how convincing ALL America actors with bright white teeth are in TV and the movies relative to UK ones.

Of course they are bleached and veneered, but don’t they look much better on video, showing them in real life settings ?

There is also a better message of “painless” and expertise because those are of primary concern. A nice smile is great but secondary to any possible pain. Both must be communicated.

Although this website is very basic and the videos are very budget they carry it better than a website with excessive amounts of details prospects don’t read. This is because of the personability of the dentist shines in the videos and focuses on key messages.

If you were a patient what comes first, the attention to pain and nervous relief, or the look of the teeth ? (Smiles).

A budget website with video under £750 hitting the nail on the head every time, beats a flashy website without video costing £5,000 or more. The more expensive website delivers the same thing as everyone else with no emphasis messages.

Have you noticed how most dental websites say all the same things in the same ways with the same emphasis ?

However a web site that makes the most of a realistic budget for doing everything properly will beat the competition hands down.

Even small changes without touching the main site can make all the difference.

This is by change in landing page, creation of an eBook to download or a short video.


Many people also like the dentist to explain things as they are going along and personality rates near the top. Once they have confidence in the dentist, then what he tells them carries more weight.

To reflect this, the copywriting needs to be changed as minimum with reemphasis on areas with more importance. A free downloadble ebooklet can avoid website changes by remphasising and restructuring messages. See the ebooklets section under online promotion.

Thus a heirarchy of message delivery.


What is web architecture ?

Most dental web sites are thrown together by a dentist and a web designer to portray all the services offered with prices, along with a few photos and blog about happy smiles and satisfied cutomers. 95% of Dental web sites in the UK do that. None stand out because of it.

Ones that are designed by a web architect though, can be identified immediately. Read the section on the “buyer journey” (under Influences) and you will understand that these websites are far more effective because they follow the customer’s thought processes. These work using step by step copywriting (written on the site or scripted for video) putting emphases on what matters most to the client through the most effective delivery method (within any budget).

Driving Traffic to the Website

Google Reviews, Yelp and Social Media.

90% of prospects will check these out before deciding which dental practice to use. This is when moving to a new area or moving dentist for other reasons.

So buyer journey-wise it’s:

  • Customer reviews

The most common search term is “The Best Dentist in XYZ town”

Google take the highest number of reviews into account aswell as the ratings.

Important for ranking in natural listings because 95% of people don’t look further than the first few listings and reviews.


  • Arrival at the website.

Does the prospect feel that the website comes over to meet their needs more effectively than others (both through reason and empathically) and with the emphasis aligning with the way the prospect sees things ?

If another dental website on the client shortlist comes over better you lose. If not, you win. We want you to win. It reflects well on our results.

Pricing And Video Types

Four Different types of videos:

  • The Dental Explanation

Inexpensive because there is only one person with one angle and limited editing.

Sometimes the dentist can work simply from topics but very effective in communicating the dentist’s skills and knowledge in implants. This type of video is also good for general dentists who want to deliver other types of message such as length of experience, procedures and pricing plans for more expensive work such as cosmetic dentistry.

This is also excellent for connecting and being seen as personable with existing and prospective new clients.


  • The Dentist in action

Of Medium expense because it’s a Patient, Cameraman, Audio, Lighting, Interviewer and Editor

Ideal for the smaller to medium practice, as the professionalism and personability are projected well.

  • The Dental Firm Advertisement

This is a medium expenditure video.

It shows that Dental Videos on your website are not just for Central London but also for Rural practices.  You can be sure that with all the customer positive reviews plus the personability of the practitioner this practice will get the lion’s share of leads in his area. Good for a smaller practice of 2 to 3 dentistsa

A High/Medium Video where there is no speech.

Music and a tour of the practice are all that is needed to communicate the speciality of  the technology used and the impression that everyone knows what they are doing.

Many Different Actions and Effects make this a High End Video.

This type of video provides the highest return on investment as clients see you are a first class outfit. Head and shoulders above anyone else in the area. This is because statistics prove the quality and care a business has put into the demonstration of its services the more propects are turned into clients. Up to 10 times more.

Ask the experts.

  • Testimonial Videos

  • Focus Message on Smiles for the Landing Page
  • 7 Testimonial Videos
  • Correct use of a Supplemental Ebook
  • Focus on Personable Attention
  • Free Mini Consultation as a “Draw in”

And of course a range of specialities to choose from. But that’s just good market positioning. A High end website with video.

There are also recruitment videos but they are usually tools for explaining the profession to aspiring dentists.

Websites without video

Websites without video can still impress but they have to work smarter.

The dental site that hits the nail on the head the most – meets a prospects information expectations in the most effective way (ie: no irrelevancies for them detracting from the main messages) gets most new clients.

Doing this is a job for a Web Architect.

We can produce anything from a more relevant landing page, a complimentary downloadable ebooklet to a really effective video without touching your main website. (Or in dire cases a complete revamp).

Watch the videos and see how you compare.


Always survived without video ? Times have changed.

Swim with or against the tide ? Progressive or unprogressive ?

Video is not a luxury addition any more.

The average CVR for websites using video is 4.8%, compared to 2.9% for those that don’t use video. Having a video on a landing page makes it 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of Google.

And when prospects arrive at your site 46% of them act immediately after viewing a video.

Even better:

An initial email with a video url link to your website receives an increase click-through rate by 96%. We have an ebooklet exchange instrument that collects email addresses of people who visit your website. See our ebooklets section on this website under online planning.

Not only that, if your website is mobile friendly (we can fix it if it isn’t) they can see your video on their mobile. (50% of users view video on their mobiles).

Uploads to all social media with your video doubles to triples the effectiveness even more. Esp: Facebook and Instagram.

Research the effectiveness of video in websites online if you still feel unconvinced.


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