What is more important – what you say or how you say it ?

Most websites are not professionally copywritten.

This is because they are either written by the designer or the client themselves. Doing that can send out either the wrong message or not maximise the message you want to deliver. There are over 100 different ways to write the same text, all having different effects, from ineffective to mouthwateringly irresistable.

All other things being equal, professionally copywritten websites bring in 3 times as many customers.

They win attention, excite your customers and attract business like flies to sugar.

If you want to keep your website as it is but are considering a rewrite, contact us with a link to your website, and ask us to evaluate the text.

We will be constructive and any recommendations we make will be explained properly (and free).

We will submit a proposal with breakdowns and can do this for you for less than you think.

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