Why Animation ?

Barriers and Guards to mental absorption and retention are lowered with cartoons. This was learned when young. Thus  communication of  key concepts is quicker and benefits of your business  bond  much stronger, especially relevant differentiation from competition. Empathically animation also connects far better than text and words. That is critical in the decision making process which slants in your favour after the cartoon. Ask any expert.

Animated videos are 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length. These short lengths are enough to get key points across and stop prospects disengaging. 

Who is this man ? What did he do ? How was it done ?

The Immediate Effects

Having relevant Animation with animation seo in your website gets google to prioritise your website for the first page. Without having to pay for adwords.

Along with even better conversion rates to live video, it’s a definate winner.

The proof that Animation reignites your website or rockets starts a new one, is in your “Bounce rate” figures which google analytics show. If your site was badly designed your bounce rate exceeds 25% after 15 seconds.

The bounce rate when relevant videos or animation is used, is reduced to under 5% after 15 seconds,  95% staying for the length of the video plus 10-15 mins, or 42% taking beneficial action straight afterwards.

You’ll notice the difference by the large amount of extra enquiries and appointments you get.

Animation is a perfect fit for explainer videos, simplifying videos, conveying step by step processes well or focus message videos.

They are used by the professions and the higher level trades and are from £495.

Video V Animation

Animation is a quarter of the price of live video. It is more flexible and better at communicating key messages, delivering distinction between you and competitors and much more.

Explainer animation videos are bite-sized video content, one to two minutes in length, and come in many forms. From traditional animation, to 3D, to live-action and more. They also come in all genres, utilising comedy or drama depending on the theme.  Consequently a wide variety of design options and emotional tactics to communicate your businesses’ message.

Also the average person watches more than an hour and a half of online video content per day. YouTube mobile video views grow 100% every year. The data proves that video marketing is the future. Competition are waking up mto this. Falling behind now will mean a downward spiral of new customers !

The Result

Professional websites (esp with video) are THE way many businesses now get most of their new customers. Even word of mouth referrals are checked online before contact.

Prospects assume the amount of care and professionalism that is shown in one area (ie: your website, and it’s effectiveness to communicate) directly relates on your ability to perform professionally. This in reality may not be true BUT statistics show that 75% of visitors to your web site see it exactly that way.

Relevant Searching

As the importance of video content is the most important content for getting key points across memorably, more and more businesses are turning to video.

Referrals and Leads

For service industries video recommendations are far more potent than text ones as text ones can be faked easily. And prospects know it. Many clients with whom strong relationships are formed will be happy to help. The immediate accessibility of your website through mobile phones, ipads and ipods means anyone can appraise your website and your business when ever they need to.

Other online information such as website reviews on trusted sites such as google reviews, now comes up on a standard Google Search. This highlights the importance of making your website more effective than those of competitors in your industry.

Now you know how the right video can be used to change your business, do you think live video or animation would best suit you best ?

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